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(K-5) L Type Three-tube combined Metal Heater

Parameters for Φ50m Pipe Size of Single-tube Metal Electric Heater: WATTS(kw)HOT ZONE(mm)LENGTH(mm)1300According to the structure2450According to the structure3600According to the structure4750Accordi


Parameters for Φ50m Pipe Size of Single-tube Metal Electric Heater:

1300According to the structure
2450According to the structure
3600According to the structure
4750According to the structure
5900According to the structure
  • Support 220V or 380V, single-phase or three-phase products

  • Provide overheating protector as required

Teflon Heater:

  1. SS316 stainless steel electric heat pipe jacket fluorine protective control is adopted, which is suitable for heating all kinds of corrosive liquids, and the working temperature is not more than 110 °C.

  2. Can be equipped with overheating protector.

  3. It can design a variety of structural forms, such as W type, spiral type, U type, combination type and so on.

Key Points of Electric Heater Design:

  1. According to the corrosion of potion to confirm the material of electric heater.

  2. Operation temperature of the liquid medicine: The design durability of electric heater is directly related to the working temperature of potion. According to the working temperature, to design the surface power load of electric heater.

Functions and Types of Temperature Overheating Protectors for Electric Heaters:

  1. Temperature fuse: the temperature fuse is installed in the casing next to the heater; When the liquid level is lowered and the temperature exceeds the safe value of the fuse, the fuse will burn off and act as a protective tank and electric heater. The fuse should be replaced after burning. The selection parameters of temperature fuse are 250V5A105 °C or 95 °C.

  2. Temperature switch: the temperature switch is installed in the casing beside the heater, when the liquid is lowered, the temperature switch temperature is higher than the temperature control point, the temperature switch is turned on, the power supply is turned off, and when the temperature is lowered, the temperature switch can re-turn on the power supply. Parameters of the temperature switch:250 V5A105 ° C or 95 ° C.

  3. The returning temperature of the switch is 15 °C lower than the overtemperature point.

  4. Due to the limitation of the power-on current, the temperature fuse and the temperature switch cannot be directly connected to the load of the power supply and the electric heater.

The points of attention for design of electric heater:

  1. The material selection of electric heater can refer to the material selection data of Nengbo company, in order to avoid corrosion damage.

  2. According to the electric specification, the electric heater should be equipped with leakage switch and reliable ground wire to ensure the safety of operators.

  3. When the electric heater is used, it should be equipped with overheat protection device. Overheating protection can effectively prevent fire caused by lack of water in electric heater.

  4. The safety requirements of electric heaters should meet the national standards. To ensure the safety of its use.

  5. In particular, it is suggested that due to the difficulty of controlling the leakage current of the electric heater, we should pay attention to the existence of the leakage ground wire virtual connection when the insulation of the electric heater is very high.

  6. Lack of pipe leakage ground wire, the use of leakage switch can not ensure safety. The electric heater will work under the condition of leakage, and there is a hidden danger of safety. In the circuit board gold plating process, Teflon electric heater will produce MPF phenomenon.

  7. The electric heater of the energy source company is certified by CE. CE certification is a mandatory requirement for electric heating in the European region. It’s a sign that the electric heater uses safety and it is reliable.

  8. Using the electric heater produced by Nengbo Company, equipped with reliable ground wire and leakage switch, failure can occur under normal working conditions or warranty service.

  9. The company has more than 20 years’ experience in product production, and has accumulated rich experience in electric heater production for many long-term tracking services, and the product durability reaches the international advanced level. When the customer uses the product, please consult the form and correct design requirements of the electric heater that may cause failure.